Laskey Creek

Dawson Mining District, Yukon, Canada

Laskey Creek, in the Dawson Creek gold mining area, is thought to be the source for the prolific amount of gold placer mined from Gold Run Creek. Close to the "Gold Rush" mining area.

Placer gold mining claims and water license available for sale or option.


The Laskey Creek property consists of 13 placer gold claims along a tributary that drains into historic Gold Run Creek, approximately six kilometres from its confluence with Dominion Creek. 12 of these claims are mechanically virgin and there is a variety of promising historic evidence of old-timers exploration in the area. Laskey Creek provides a mining opportunity to collect the gold that these old-timers were unable to retrieve due to limited technology at the time. Modern equipment can easily strip-mine these areas to capture this value.

The Laskey Creek area has a rich history of successful gold exploration and provides evidence supporting further investigation. The total regional production history of the Gold Run Creek area between 1961 and 2001 was in excess of 2.6 million oz Au with over 130,000 oz Au being recovered from Gold Run Creek alone (LeBarge, 2002). It has been historically noted that an "extremely rich portion of the Gold Run pay streak begins in the direct vicinity of Laskey Creek and old-timers thought Laskey was the main source" (Nordale, 1942). Historical records seem to not only describe placer gold in this area - but also lode gold. Compositional studies of placer and lode gold during 2005 led to the conclusion that a "major gold source existed in this area" (Mortenson et. al., YEG 2005).

The following map illustrates the Laskey Creek gold claims along with some of the discoveries made and areas of significance.

 Laskey Creek Placer Gold Claims

Laskey Creek Placer Gold Claims