Laskey Creek

Dawson Mining District, Yukon, Canada

Laskey Creek, in the Dawson Creek gold mining area, is thought to be the source for the prolific amount of gold placer mined from Gold Run Creek. Close to the "Gold Rush" mining area.

Placer gold mining claims and water license available for sale or option.

Historic Work in the Gold Run Creek-Laskey Creek Area

The search for gold in the Laskey Creek area has been steady for over 100 years. Many significant discoveries have been made locally along Gold Run Creek, however the source of the majority of the placer gold still remains an enigma. Hard-rock exploration has been conducted in the vicinity since 1897 undoubtedly due to the fact that "The extremely rich portion of the Gold Run placer pay streak begins in the vicinity of Laskey Creek" (GSC Mem. 284 pp. 98-99). Although work took place during the gold-rush days at the turn of the century - work has been ongoing in the area since, with a positive trenching report being released as recently as 2008 representing Laskey Creek as, "A new discovery in the Klondike gold-fields" (Bernie Kreft, 2008).

A vast array of evidence of old-timers workings has been discovered on-site including an industrial-grade boiler, numerous adits/shafts, tools and old tailings piles - suggestive of large quantities of gold contained within the Laskey gravels. In recent years, the mouth of Laskey Creek was successfully mined using a hydraulic monitor on offsetting claims. The Laskey Creek area has interested gold prospectors for over a century for good reason!

 Road Access to the Laskey Creek placer gold claims

Road Access to the Laskey Creek placer gold claims

Laskey Creek Timeline

  • Gold was initially discovered in the vicinity of Laskey Creek in 1897
  • The deposits were hand mined up to 1911, beginning with a number of mine shafts and adits, nine of which have been observed and are located on the Laskey Creek claims
  • Between 1911 and 1963 Gold Run Creek was dredged and mined by Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation
  • In 1978, Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation was absorbed by Teck Corporation who re-mined the dredge tailings and mined the still virgin right and left limit portions of Gold Run Creek between 1979 and 2000
  • The mouth of Laskey Creek was mined in 1999-2000. 34,052 cubic yards were sluiced with approximately 2/3 of the area displaying previous hand-workings
  • Two prospective test holes were drilled on anomalies located on the Laskey Creek claims in 2000
  • Magnetic Field and Gradiometer Survey was completed in area in 2002 that successfully outlines three magnetic anomalies
  • Trenching, channel cut and soil sampling has been conducted on nearby quartz claims since 2007 with positive gold assay values upwards of 5.0 grams per tonne (“g/t”)  Au
  • A 2D Resistivity & IP Survey was carried out in 2009 to provide bedrock profiles across 3 lines on Laskey Creek. Prospective results include a large interpreted “paleochannel” on the Laskey Creek claims
  • Trenching and bulk testing programs were carried out between 2010-2012 along Laskey Creek. 10,949 cubic yards were stripped or trenched. Three anomalous gold assays from the 2010 trenching were analyzed by ALS at 1.16 g/t, 36.8 g/t and 55.3 g/t Au

Ironstone Resources, in joint venture with 44379 Yukon Inc, acquired 13 placer claims and a water license on Laskey Creek in July 2012 based on the availability of geological and geophysical data collected in the area.

Ironstone geologists performed a recon of the area and observed historic hand-workings suggestive of good gold potential on right hand limit of Laskey Creek. Mapped surface location of over a dozen shafts, cribbing, tailings, and steam boiler and tubing in July 2102. Tests along creek show gold.

Equipment moved in to open several pits on left hand limit to test for gold, then moved to right hand limit to strip down to known area of historic hand workings. Stripping operations were suspended due to winter weather moving in. Some remedition work was performed along Laskey Creek in summer of 2103.

Ironstone acquired a 100% working interest in 13 claims and water license on Laskey Creek in 2014.

 Old-timers workings found on the Laskey Creek claims including shafts and a heavy-duty boiler

Old-timers workings found on the Laskey Creek claims including shafts and a heavy-duty boiler